Twins donate birthday presents to NICU babies at UofL Center for Women & Infants

InCWI Twinsstead of asking for new toys or the latest gadget for their birthday, twins Shelby and Madelyn Medley asked their friends to bring presents they could give to babies at the UofL Center for Women & Infants.

The 8-year-old fraternal twins donated soft, warm blankets, stuffed animals and even some gift cards to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for babies who are born premature or are seriously ill.

The girls took a tour of the unit when dropping off the gifts, and even delivered some gifts personally to parents visiting their little ones. “He looks like a baby doll,” one of the twins said when they met a baby weighing only four pounds.

Pauline Hayes, manager of the NICU, told them, “You have no idea how much our babies and their families will appreciate this. This will help keep them warm while their parents hold them.”

The UofL Center for Women & Infants at UofL Hospital offers a Level III NICU, one of the largest in the region, providing care for premature and seriously ill infants. To learn more, visit 

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