The Center for Women and Infants at University of Louisville Hospital was created by leaders in the field of maternal-fetal medicine, high-risk obstetrics and gynecology to achieve the best results possible for newborns and their mothers. We specialize in both high-risk obstetrics and general maternity services, which makes us the perfect choice for all expecting mothers.

New prenatal and infant care classes for 2015. Free to the public. Download the brochure [PDF]

High-Risk Pregnancy and Obstetrics

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Kangaroo Care

Every pregnancy and delivery merits special care.

For those mothers and babies who require a higher level of expertise and knowledge, however, the University of Louisville physicians practicing alongside the University of Louisville Hospital labor and delivery staff offer the most up-to-date techniques proven by top shelf research.

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Caring NICU Staff Helps Mom and Baby to Thrive

New mom and marketing campaign star Cathy Koehler has been featured on television and radio advertisements, in billboards and magazines.

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Specialized care for the smallest deliveries

Our Center for Women and Infants at University of Louisville Hospital takes a personal approach when it comes to caring for newborn infants and their mothers with our Kangaroo Care program.

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